Pizza Night Dough Raiser

The Dough Raising Program for schools was developed to give your local Domino's Pizza store the opportunity to help you raise money. Whether your ultimate goal is to raise money for new equipment or to help cover the cost of a class field drip, Domino's Pizza can help.

The best part of this promotion is that it is easy to implement and you will see quick results. On a chosen date for each order, Domino's Pizza will donate 15% of sales per order. All you need to do is help promote the upcoming event and encourage your students and their parents to order pizza on the date you choose. Domino's Pizza will figure your results and mail a check to your organization president or treasurer for the amount of “dough” raised within one month after each “dough raising” event.

Promoting The Event

To help ensure the success of your "dough raiser" we suggest you do the following to promote the event:

  • Select a date for your first promotion. (Must be Tues, Wed, or Thurs.)
  • To maximize participation we suggest that you make this a monthly event and hold it on the same day each month.
  • Post flyers in the halls and on bulletin boards in high traffic areas.
  • We will deliver forms to your students before the first scheduled event. All orders that use the provided code on the night of the event will count towards the total sales.
  • Put a reminder in your school newspaper or newsletter with the next upcoming date.
  • Put the dough raiser date on your reader board outside the week before.
  • Obtain permission from the principal to have an announcement over the P.A. to remind students and faculty to order Domino's Pizza for dinner.
  • Post on your organization's web site.

Domino's Pizza will donate 15% of sales for every order placed on that night using the Dough Raiser Code.

Upon completion of your “dough raising” night Domino's Pizza will run a report which is generated by our point of sales system and mail a check within one month of the event to your school. It's that simple!  Depending on the participation of your school these dough raising programs can generate hundreds of dollars for your school's needs each month!

Pizza Night 2 Dough Raiser

For schools and charities outside of our delivery area.

The Dough Raising 2 program was developed to give your local Domino's Pizza store the opportunity to help organizations that fall outside of our normal delivery areas raise money in a manner similar to the original dough raiser night. The concept is the same, you pick a night for your dough raiser. We will provide “order forms” for you to distribute, you collect them and organize a location to have the pizzas delivered to.  We will donate 15% of each order.  It's that simple!

Promoting The Event

To help ensure success of your “dough raiser” we suggest you do the following to promote your event:

  • Select a date for your first promotion.
  • Distribute order forms printed by Domino's Pizza at least two weeks before the scheduled “dough raising” night.  Instructions will be printed on the order forms. Domino's Pizza will also include a letter of introduction for your first night to explain the program to your families.
  • Post flyers in the halls and on bulletin boards in high traffic areas.
  • Put a reminder in your newspaper, newsletter, with the next upcoming date.
  • Put the dough raiser on your reader board outside the week before.
  • Obtain permission to have an announcement made 4 days prior to your night to remind students/teacher to turn in their forms & money.
  • Three days prior to the scheduled “dough raising” have all forms and money collected.  Turn all forms in to our main office, or arrange to have them picked up.
  • On the scheduled night, Domino's Pizza will deliver all orders to one pre-arranged location (church, school, etc..) for distribution by your group.

After The Event

Upon completion of your "dough raising" night, Domino's Pizza will pick up a check for 85% of the total sales.  It's that simple! Depending on the participation of your organization, these “dough raising” programs can generate hundreds of dollars for your organization needs each month.

All You Can Eat Pizza Night


Host a dinner where you buy pizza from us at the rate of $3.50 per person for all the pizza they can eat.  Sell tickets at $6.00 per person, and your group keeps $2.50 per order.

Before The Event

  • Sell tickets 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Report advanced ticket sales 5 days prior to the event.

The Day Of The Event

  • Set up 3 tables.
    • One for tickets and money (for late ticket sales.)
    • One for first pizza order
    • One for seconds, thirds, etc..
  • Set up tables and chairs for the number of people you have sold tickets to, adding extra for “last minute” sales.
  • Your organization supplies and serves drinks.  We recommend selling cans of pop for $.75-$1.00.
  • You could also host a bake sale at the same time, providing dessert for the night.

Domino's pizza will supply the pizza and the napkins. Your organization will need to supply everything else. (You will need approximately 10 people to set up, man the tables, and clean up for this event.)

We will deliver the pizzas to you over a 2 hour time period. You will need to pay the total due Domino's Pizza for advanced ticket sales at the beginning of the night.  Any day of sales can be added at the end of the night.


25 people sell 20 tickets each.
500 tickets sold X $6.00 per ticket = $3000.00

Your group keeps $1250.00.

Plus any extra sales from drinks and desserts.

Scrip Programs Available Through Domino's Pizza

Traditional Scrip Certificates [20% profit]

Your organization purchases these from us at a rate of $4.00 per certificate, and you sell them for $5.00. You keep the extra $1.00, and your families can use these for their entire order!

  • Your organization name will be written on the Purchaser's Name line.
  • Orders for the exact quantity you need can be ready in just 1 business day.
  • There is no limit to the number of Certificates that can be used per order.
Please note: Our stores are not able to give cash back on these certificates, nor can these be used to “tip” the driver.  Expired certificates can be exchanged for current ones at our office.

Your scrip program can be set up in just one week. After that, orders can be picked up just one day after being placed.

$6.50* Large 1-Topping Special

For classrooms, church groups, and other non-profit groups. *Additional toppings $0.90 each.

2 Liter Coke Products $2.00

Available flavors:

  • Coke
  • Cherry Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Sprite
  • Lemonade
  • Orange
  • Root Beer

We will provide plates and napkins with all orders. Cups are available for orders that also purchase pop. Some flavors only available at select locations.

Running A Booster Club Concession?

  • Buy a pizza with 8 slices for $6.50
  • Sell each slice for $1.50.
  • You make $5.50 per pizza!

Need An Alternative For School Lunch?

We will make them according to required nutritional guidelines, and deliver as many or few as you need when you need them.   Have 3 lunch periods?  We'll deliver 3 times!  Hot and fresh for each group of students!

Always A Favorite!

Want to reward your class? Need a quick meal for your youth group? Holding an event that you need food for that's quick and easy?  Whatever the occasion, Domino's non-profit specials and service can't be beat!

Proof Of Purchase Party


Your class/group saves the "proof of purchase" symbol, located on the flaps on the top inside of our pizza boxes.  (Some of you might remember them as dots.)

When you've saved 200, we will provide a free pizza party for up to 30 people.

We Provide

  • 2 slices of pizza, pop, plates, napkins, & cups for each person.

Program Success Tips:

  • Collect from Relatives, Neighbors, and Friends
  • Keep a container in your room for your kids to drop in their proofs whenever they remember.
  • Post a note on or near the container with how many more proofs to go before you can schedule your party.
  • Have more than 30 people? Redeem 300 for 31-60 people, etc...
  • Hold a contest with another room/group to see who can collect their dots the fastest.

Fund-raising Success Stories

  • A softball team sold 595 cards, raising $5,355 to cover tournament and traveling expenses.
  • A college fraternity sold 154 cards raising $1,386 for their annual philanthropy.
  • A high school marching band sold 250 cards, raising $2,250 to help pay for a trip to a national competition.
  • A fifth grade baseball team sold 240 cards, raising $2,160 to help pay for new uniforms and equipment.
  • A cheer leading squad sold 160 cards in just a few weekends, raising $1,440.
  • Sign up for Domino's Fund-Raising Card Program and let us tell YOUR success story!
  • Call (231) 799-1130 to get your organization started in Domino's Delivering the Dough® program!

The Facts

  • Domino's Pizza Delivering the Dough® cards are sold by your group for $10 each. Your organization keeps $9 for each card sold, not $4 or $5 like most other programs.
  • Domino's Delivering the Dough Card is redeemable for a variety of offers throughout the year, with purchase of a pizza at menu price.
  • Cards typically have an expiration date of at least 6 to 12 months.
  • The card is good for pick-up or delivery orders, as long as the minimum order amount required for delivery is met.
  • This is a way to do a fund-raising program which supports a business in your community, not a company shipping overpriced products from a warehouse 500 miles away.
  • It's an easier sell than expensive wrapping paper or candles. With Delivering the Dough, people save money on a product they're already using - not paying too much for a product they don't need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of organizations qualify?
A: If your organization is a bona fide non-profit organization that is eligible and/or complies with the Internal Revenue Service regulations under Section 501c(3), it can participate in this program.
Q: How many cards do you recommend I order?
A: We suggest about five cards for each member who will actively sell the cards. You can always get more cards later if you need them.
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of cards I can order?
A: There is a 25-card minimum order. There is no maximum order, however we'll work with you to determine how many cards would be appropriate to start with for your organization and its goal.
Q: How do I get more cards if I need them?
A: Simply call your Domino's Pizza contact & tell them how many more cards you need.
Q: How long does it take to get the cards once my organization decides to participate?
A: We typically have cards in stock. This means cards can usually be mailed to you within 24 hours of your written request. Or, you can choose to pick them up if you prefer - often the same day!
Q: Where are the Domino's Pizza Fund-Raising Cards accepted?
A: This is the official fund-raising program of Domino's Pizza, and the most widely-accepted Domino's fund-raising card available. However it is not a nationally mandated program, so not every Domino's Pizza store will accept the cards. Prior to purchasing a card, buyers should check with their local store to make sure the card is accepted there.
Q: Can a card-holder use multiple coupons for the same purchase?
A: Customers can use any coupon on their card at any time they like, but only one coupon may be used per order.
Q: How much does a card buyer actually save by using the card?
A: A customer using the fund-raising card will save anywhere from $2.49 to $6.99 every time they use the card.
Q: How is Domino's making any money? It seems a bit too good to be true.
A: We are in the pizza business, not the fund-raising business. We make money on the pizzas we sell; your organization makes money on the fund-raiser. It's that simple!
Q: I've seen other Domino's fund-raising programs offered by other companies. How is this one different?
A: This is the only fund-raising card endorsed by Domino's Pizza, LLC. While there are several legitimate fund-raising cards being offered across the country, it is always a good idea to check with your local Domino's Pizza manager before signing up for any other fund-raising programs.

Jeff Jacobs

Fundraiser Coordinator

(231) 759-1130


(231) 759-0374